Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hass avocado?

Hass avocados are the most commonly grown avocado in New Zealand. They are a pear-shaped green fruit that turns brown when ready to eat. Generally, these fruit do not ripen until picked from the tree. They are small to medium-sized (140-400 g).

How long will it take for my avocados to arrive?

Depending on where you live, they should take 3-5 working days but don’t worry, because we pick them green they will still arrive in perfect order.

Are the avocados organic and/or sprayfree?

No. Our avocados are export quality and as such are sprayed according to an approved spray programme. They will generally have had the same spray treatments as the avocados that you will buy in the supermarket.

What is the best way to store my avocados?

Avocados are best stored at room temperature until they ripen. However, if you have too many, you can store green ones in the fridge.

When is it best to eat my avocados?

Avocados will take 4-10 days to ripen depending on the time of the season.

Are your avocados available all year round?

Unfortunately no. Our picking season generally runs from July to November/December or until we run out. Send us your email address and I can let you know when new season avocados will be ready.

Can I speed up the ripening process?

Yes you can. Put your avocado in a paper bag with an apple, banana or kiwifruit.

Can I send avocados overseas?

Unfortunately no, orders are limited to New Zealand customers only.

What can you use avocado oil for?

It is great for cooking and in salads. Avocado oil which is very high in monounsaturated fats is a very healthy oil option. It has an extremely beneficial fatty acids profile, good levels of antioxidants and other healthy compounds. It also has a very high smoke point which makes it great for frying. Avocado oil can also be used in salad dressings or drizzled over homemade pizza or bread.

What are the health benefits of avocado oil?

Avocado oil is:

  • rich in oleic acid
  • can reduce cholesterol
  • improves heart health
  • high in lutein (antioxidant)
  • enhances the absorption of other nutrients
  • may reduce the symptoms of arthritis
  • improves skin and enhances wound healing


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