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Belle Vue Orchard supplies avocados to the New Zealand consumer straight from our gate to your plate. Our goal is simple. To provide the freshest and tastiest avocados to Kiwis everywhere-from Cape Reinga to Bluff and everywhere in between. We want to make life easy for avocado lovers in New Zealand and deliver to your door fresh export quality avocados for you to enjoy. Our aim is to provide you, our valued customers with fresh, high-quality primo avocados that are picked especially for you.

NO chiller room!
NO sitting around on supermarket shelves!
NO squeezing by customers in the produce department!

The fruit is hand-picked to your order and is handled only once before being carefully packaged up and dispatched directly to you. This means the fruit is super duper fresh when it is delivered to your door. We pick the fruit green so you will need to be patient when your box of deliciousness arrives. And, as a bonus, most of our packaging is reusable and biodegradable.

What a fantastic gift idea for avocado lovers! It’s like having your very own avocado tree with none of the hassle.

From our gate to your plate, it is that simple.

Fresh Avocados From our gate to your plate

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P.O. Box 32, Awanui 0451